Syrian Democratic Forces formed in #Rojava

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2 thoughts on “Syrian Democratic Forces formed in #Rojava

  1. Declaration of establishment by Syrian Democratic Forces
    A total of 13 organizations have announced a joint establishment of Syrian Democratic Forces.
    Thursday, October 15, 2015 2:30 PM
    A total of 13 organizations have announced a joint establishment of Syrian Democratic Forces.

    The 13 organizations include;

    – YPG/YPJ,

    – Al-Sanadid Forces,

    – Syriac Military Council,

    – Burkan Al-Fırat Operations Center,

    – Suwar al-Raqqa,

    – Shams al-Shamal,

    – Lîwa Al-Selcuki,

    – Brigade Groups of Al-Jazira,

    – Jabhat Al-Akrad

    – Jaysh Al-Thuwar (Revolutionaries’ Army involving Jabhat Al-Akrad, Lîwai 99, Special Operations Center 455, Lîwa Al-Selcuki, Ahrar Al-Zawiya, Lîwa Sultan Selîm, Lîwa Şuheda Al-Atarib)

    – Lîwai Al-Tehrîr and

    – Lîwai 99 Muşat.

    The press conference announcing the establishment of Democratic Syrian Forces was attended by a representative from all the mentioned forces.The joint press release was read by Şêx Bender Himêdî El-Deham from Al-Sanadid Forces.

    El-Deham said all the forces joining the Democratic Syrian Forces herald the birth of future’s Syria, adding; “This democratic step will enable the democratic unity of all Syrian peoples on the basis of women’s freedom. Our basic objective is the founding of democratic Syria.”

    Deham stated that their founding meeting witnessed a discussion of the situation and developments in Syria, treatment of the previously failed experiences and ascertainment of the intervention by external forces as the main reason of the failure.

    Remarking that the meeting was attended by Arab, Kurdish, Syriac, Assyrian and Turkmen representatives, Deham said their primary objective was to fight the ISIS and forces attacking the peoples of Syria. Deham on behalf of Democratic Syrian Forces thanked the coalition forces for the support they provided, and called them to continue their support.

    Deham informed that the meeting ended with the establishment of the United Military Council which will handle the works and joint coordination in the name of Democratic Syrian Forces.

    Deham called upon all the Syrian men and women to join the ranks of their forces.

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