Disturbing images after explosion in HDP’s election meeting in #Amed #Diyarbekir

11401316_1634208070152614_8011818637264382614_n 11407007_1634208020152619_7147912148745612290_n 11390007_1634207873485967_4052019349166710318_n 541632_1634207783485976_7329942830266347114_n 11391502_1572060739724546_1323040414711189310_n 11407236_120369118294581_2837973144656615498_n 11140289_10200411159079283_5075544924279651199_n 11407035_1661752780707415_2695933779638921932_n amed-teqin5june 11391582_1661752717374088_6703240324350206626_n 55923 55914


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