Beutiful images of a village in #Kurdistan

10404088_1576604615961610_5699418865994582815_n 10407567_1576604649294940_4113654787022615527_n 10898190_1576604565961615_1979536224473136793_n 11070820_1576604602628278_993759095822281276_n 11163245_1576604512628287_4610233049245983748_n 11165304_1576604515961620_3125303221908383588_n 11169071_1576604559294949_8644408327120411939_n 11203135_1576604699294935_6501444507571854092_n 11221847_1576604579294947_3969132411769980779_n 11226924_1576604682628270_3961720671032003142_n 11255545_1576604442628294_2625782957928653440_n 11263114_1576604629294942_1558208865638027728_n


6 thoughts on “Beutiful images of a village in #Kurdistan

  1. Can I use two of the photos for academic research purposes? I haven’t seen such wonderful photos of Kurdistan villages.

  2. Hi dear, I have used two of these photos for my research and would like to use them in a research publication by giving you all the credit of course and citing your blog, Could you please confirm that ?

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