29th November: #ISIS attacked #Kobane from Turkey, they used official border crossing building- #YPG pushed back ISIS attack


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One thought on “29th November: #ISIS attacked #Kobane from Turkey, they used official border crossing building- #YPG pushed back ISIS attack

  1. For the Media and Public Opinion
    People’s Defense Units (YPG) – Media Center
    KOBANI, Rojava, Nov. 29, 2014 – The attacks by the ISIS terrorists to occupy Kobani continued on the 75th day. The terrorist groups are sending more forces from their centers in Ar-Raqqah and Manbij, attempting to attack on the eastern and southern fronts of Kobani with heavy weapons. This morning, the terrorists carried out an attack in the northern front, on the Mursitpinar border crossing, yet our forces are showing a great resistance on all the fronts of Kobani.
    North of Kobani – At 5 am this morning, the terrorist groups carried out an attack from the Turkish side of the Mursitpinar border crossing, deploying a suicide VBIED and two suicide individuals. The terrorists had crossed from the eastern side of the border near the wheat silos, and then carried out the attacks on our units where they blasted a VBIED and two suicide attackers. After these explosions the terrorists attempted to carry out their attacks, heavy and direct battles erupted between our forces and the terrorist groups. The attack on the borders crossing was repelled, and the battle continues near the wheat silos.
    On the eastern front of Kobani intense and direct confrontation are continuing in the Sukul Hal area, the Azadi (Freedom) square, and near the security department.
    The terrorist groups last night started an attack on the southern front of Kobani where they deployed 3 tanks. Two suicide VBIEDs were used to initiate this attack, but both of them were targeted and destroyed by our forces before operating. Our units sharply responded to the attacks on this front, were able to repel the offensive, and shift into the operations. Our troops managed to advance within a district, and take control of several strategic positions. On this front also 2 tanks of the terrorists were destroyed, the casualty numbers are yet to be confirmed. Heavy clashes continues on this front.
    On these battles, we will share the information with the public opinion once they’re confirmed by our troops.

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