#NorthKurdistan and Turkey- NationWide Protests against #IS in Solidarity with #Kobane #Rojava

Wan, Batman, Amed, Shirnax, Cizre, Colemerg, Sert, Mardin, Istanbul, Ankara, Agri, Dersim and … 

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 23.26.05NationWideProtests across North Kurdistan and Turkey536256_10201973004561574_4501321538905604075_n 1013992_867617359949405_5130730033291342492_n 1549578_875176319160095_3685603036393163748_n 1800453_867617379949403_3510019198551243207_n 1891295_698367753565388_9011650901937456076_n 1962616_697891043613059_4028669028144168820_n 10407967_172440102926621_7613703749457065739_n 10421476_1516485668595564_2065641562029705719_n 10450519_867602939950847_7071443344827286680_n 10473734_867617406616067_7732990809626973002_n 10486666_915808391781027_3557673007472040484_n 10624805_738248352925362_6967358122650215564_n 10665794_867617369949404_5809480461332908774_n 10671410_738248349592029_8538132426475279062_n 10672050_697839096951587_69678490987315182_n 10678712_399865266828696_786113437188096604_n 10689872_867617413282733_2255376689930745824_n 10702042_875176239160103_5247071505143923425_n 10703977_875176262493434_3224884108544580791_n abmadi3h amed-asker-1 amed1 copy amed1 amed2 copy amed2 amed3 copy amed3 amed4 copy amed4 amed5 copy amed5 amed6 copy amed6 amed7 copy amed7 amed8 amed9 amed34 amed35 amed36 ata-aaa bakur-11 bakur-12 bakur-13 bakur1 bakur2 bakur3 bakur5 bakur6 bakur7 bakur8 bakur9 copy bakur9 bakur11 bakur12 bakur13 bakur14 bakur15 bakur22 bakur24 bakur33 bakur35 bakur37 bakur38 bakur39 bakur40 d94ef58d0c4ae880525d254c89a25eaf ist-1 ist Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 23.26.05 Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 17.02.32 wan-1 wan-2 wan wan3 copy wan3 wan4 ypg


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